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Friday, February 8, 2019

Weather Almost Derailed Wiarton Willie Festival

Wiarton | by John Divinski  

Staff and volunteers only had one day to put the festival together.

With Wiarton Willie back in his home, almost a week after his early Spring weather prediction, the story now is how the Festival was put together under trying circumstances.

It was a labour of love done almost in one day.

Mayor Janice Jackson says she's still beaming with pride as to how the Festival came together.

She points out days before prediction day, the entire region was "paralyzed" with blustery snowy weather that just about closed down everything.

Jackson believes staff and volunteers only had a day, on Friday, February 1st, to get everything ready for the Saturday event.

She says it was the first time the town had taken over the Festival and some staff were putting in 16-hour days to make sure everything was in order for the onslaught of visitors on Groundhog Day.

It worked and Jackson says she couldn't be more proud of the staff and the community at large that made visitors from afar, feel welcome.

She says she was accepting compliments on their behalf throughout the day as the party continued on.

You may recall, we told you about visitors that were in Wiarton from the U. S. and Mexico, who wanted to see just what Wiarton Willie knew about weather forecasting.

Mayor Jackson believes some 2,000 were on hand to see Wiarton Willie announce to the Mayor that we were in for an early Spring.

We shall see.


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