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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Council Continues Effort to Lower Budget Increase

Shelburne | by Phil DeLand  

Shelburne Town Council worked Monday on lowering 7.7 proposed increase.

Shelburne Town Council continues to work on cutting a proposed increase in the draft budget for this year.

Council felt the 7.7 per cent increase was too much and at a special meeting Monday, worked through every line to find ways to cut that number down.

After almost four hours, they deferred $126,600 in projects they felt weren't needed for 2019, lowering the increase by 1.78 per cent.

Mayor Wade Mills wants to see that number come down even more but doesn't want to put a hard limit on it.

Mills said it would be irresponsible to pick an arbitrary percentage but says at around 5 per cent is still too high for him.

Council will hold another budget presentation during a public meeting next week, with the updated numbers.

Mills says council will take suggestions from residents on ways to cut the proposed increase.

Council also sent back the police operating and capital budgets for further review, in the hopes that more savings could be found.

Mills, who is a member of that board, said they'll look for those savings during Thursday's meeting.

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