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Monday, February 4, 2019

Investigators Comb Through Explosion Debris

Caledon | by Jill Young  

A 54 year old man was killed Sunday morning when his home exploded and the OFM is investigating.

Investigators continue to comb through the debris left behind after a deadly house explosion in Caledon.

A 54 year old man, Joseph Westcott, was killed in the blast, and is believed to be the only victim.

Fire and police got the call around 6:20 am Sunday and found a home leveled on Maple Grove Road.

Over 20 other homes were damaged from the explosion.

The Office of the Fire Marshal is trying to figure out what caused it.

Officials say they don't know if a gas leak was behind the explosion, but they are looking at all possible causes.

Ontario Fire Marshal Investigator Andrea Gaynor says crews working in the area today trying to get people back into their homes as quickly as possible.

Gaynor says they'll be assessing all the fuel delivery components and possibly sending some samples to a lab to be evaluated.



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