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Friday, January 25, 2019

Southampton Market Looks For More Tenants

Southampton | by Bayshore News Staff  

Owner of the building wants to fill 20k sq ft of space on the third floor of the market.

Longtime Southampton landmark, the Southampton Market could see action to its unused 20,000 sq ft third floor if a tenant comes forward.

Owner Dhruv Sheth, says he would like to use the vacant space for the community and whomever takes interest could have interior design control.

"Right now we're just at the stage of generating a little more interest in the project to attract some more businesses, before we go too far down the wrong road," says Sheth.

He says owners of the Southampton Market business are in favour of a new upstairs neighbour adding, no changes will be made to their business.

"I will be working closely with them and they've been really helpful in the whole process as well."

The third floor consist of 22,000 sq ft, 20,000 of it is usable space.

A design concept can be found HERE


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