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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Brockton Residents Want Road Fixed

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Residents say Concession 14 is in dire need of upgrades.

Over 30 residents filled Brockton’s Council Chamber Monday night, they had a message for Council - fix their road Concession 14 E in the former Brant Township.

Concession 14 is in dire need of upgrades, that from residents of the gravel road which was constructed over a century ago, designed for horse and buggy traffic.

Farmer Ron DiVisser says the road can no longer handle the demands of modern traffic, especially heavy trucks and farm equipment.

The road is riddled with deep pot holes, ruts running 6 to 8 inches in depth and soft shoulders that have resulted in incidents such as a large feed truck sinking into the side of the road and almost flipping over.

DiVisser adds there are also serious safety concerns for the 40 to 50 Mennonite children that walk this road twice a day during the week to attend school.

He says parents have witnessed cars being pulled by the deep ruts towards the children and there is a great fear that a child could be hit.

Mayor Chris Peabody admits Concession 14 is an embarrassment to the municipality and he agrees something must be done soon.

DeVisser says even if Council would consider doing just a kilometer of road a year, it would be a step in the right direction.

The challenge however is the cost, staff estimate it will cost 1.2 million dollars to reconstruct the 8 km stretch of road.

DeVisser notes that with the exception of one other side road, Concession 14 is the only road in the former Brant Township that has not been upgraded.

Before agreeing to take the project on, Brockton plans to undertake a 25 thousand dollar Roads Condition Needs Study. (Roads study is in the proposed 2019 budget)

DiVisser calls it a start, but he would have much preferred a firm commitment from Council to begin work on the road.

He says along with the safety concerns and sheer difficulty in driving this stretch of road, he says it is also costing residents a lot in vehicle maintenance expenses.


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