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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Walkerton Water Tower Makeover Progresses

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

New logo, paint part of $250K refurbishment

Walkerton’s south water tower is looking better than ever.

Not only is the water tower sporting a new coat of bright blue paint but it is also boasting Walkerton’s new logo.

The logo which contains a water droplet around the letter O in “Walkerton” was developed by Bruce County as part of its Spruce the Bruce Walkerton Toolkit.

Mayor Chris Peabody is pleased with the new look, noting the old tower (same tower new paint job) was synonymous with the Walkerton Ecoli Tragedy as it was the image many media sources used.

By repainting the tower, Peabody says Walkerton can move forward with a fresh start and new image.

The 250 thousand dollar water tower refurbishment project included extensive maintenance work and upgrades to tower.  

The project came in 50 thousand dollars under budget as it was expected to cost 300 thousand.  

There is still however a little work left to take on this Spring.

CAO Sonya Watson says the timing worked out perfectly, as the water tower received its maintenance work and rebranding at the same time.

The project was part of Brockton’s overall asset management program.

Not only does the tower look great, but Watson says its life has greatly been extended thanks to all of the maintenance work that it has received.

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