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Monday, January 21, 2019

Paisley Inn Being Demolished?

Paisley | by John Divinski  

The future of the derelict building is back on the front burner.

The future of the derelict Paisley Inn is back on the front burner for Arran Elderslie council.

Council has a received a request for a demolition permit from a developer.

This is a song that's been sung before but this time Arran Elderslie Mayor Steve Hammell is hoping the project moves forward.

Hammell says council has started the process of getting a bylaw in place to request Heritage Ontario to remove the heritage designation on the building, constructed in 1852 on the main street of Paisley.

He says the building has been deteriorating for several decades to the point where officials are concerned about the safety of the structure.

Janoah Young of Young Development Corporation of Waterloo, Ontario has applied for the demolition permit and in the past has indicated, he wants to develop living quarters there to be known as River View Inn and Suites.

Mayor Hammell says council hasn't seen any plans for the site but from what they've heard, there's a great plan and they're excited for what may lie ahead.

Hammell says he senses a "positive vibe" in Paisley right now and hopes a new structure on the site of the Paisley Inn will lead the way.

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