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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

OPP Urge snowmobile Safety

Muskoka | by Matt Sitler  

Police urge common sense while out on the trails...

If you're a snowmobiler, safety should be top of mind.

Police say that although most trails in our area remain closed, many enthusiasts are still enjoying what limited riding is available.

In an effort to promote a safe riding environment and maintain a strong community partnership with snowmobilers, the OPP actively patrols trails, lakes and roadways to ensure safe, responsible operation.

Officers have been conducting random R.I.D.E. stops as well as mobile patrols throughout Muskoka.

On Muskoka Road 169 near Bala, police stopped a 13 year old operator with a 14 year old passenger operating a sled that was 20 years older than them.

although there are a lot of well-maintained classics out there, police say this particular machine had a flashlight duct taped to the hood for a headlight.

Police also found numerous mechanical deficiencies with the machine in addition to the fact that the operators were too young to be riding on a roadway and the decrepit machine was not insured.

Police say that ensuring that a machine is mechanically sound, safe and in good working order is the responsibility of the operator and everyone's safety depends on it.


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