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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

OPP Defend New Impaired Driving Rules

Regional | by Fadi Didi  

Constable Jamie Stanley says new rules better help OPP keep impaired driving off the road.

An official with the OPP says he does not see new impaired driving laws affecting law abiding citizens.

New rules were brought into effect across Canada in December, giving police more powers in enforcing impaired driving laws.

Among the new rules is an officer's ability to ask for a breath sample without suspicion.

Another, which has some Canadians up in arms, allows for a breath sample to be taken up to two hours after you have been behind the wheel.

OPP Constable Jamie Stanley says the purpose of the two-hour law is to counter what is known as the "Bolus Defence."

"Bolus" drinking presumes a driver has consumed alcohol, but was not legally intoxicated at the time they were stopped by police.

Rather, the defence is used to say the driver absorbed the alcohol in their system on their way to a formal blood-alcohol test.

Some Canadians worried the wording of the law puts the onus on drivers to prove they were not driving impaired, if they have begun drinking within two hours of being behind the wheel.

Stanley says he does not foresee a situation where a law-abiding citizen would be arrested, if they have no plans of driving after drinking.

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