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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ministry Report Outlines Care Standard Violations at Brucelea Haven

Bruce County | by Robyn Garvey  

Compliance orders on Bruce County long term care home following Fall report

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care have issued a number of compliance orders against Brucelea Haven.

With only a month under his belt as the Chair of the Bruce County Homes Committee, Chris Peabody is more than a little disturbed by the Ministry of Long Term Care report on Brucelea Haven. 

He called it a very difficult read, noting that in all his eighteen years as a politician he has never come across anything more concerning.

The Ministry Report is based on a September 2018 inspection that identified a number of provincial care standard violations including: chronic staffing shortages, mismanagement of medications, patients missing their scheduled baths, failure to provide a safe and secure environment, failure to ensure appropriate current certfication of registration for nursing staff as well as an allegation of verbal abuse.

Peabody calls the Ministry report a call to action and says County Council needs to focus on this issue as a priority.

Bruce County Director of Human Resources Marianne Nero says a detailed action plan has been submitted to the Ministry outlining the steps that will be taken to adress the areas of non-compliance identified during the inspection.

The plan includes actions such as re-training staff on use of emergency codes, education of resident rights, issuance of an event notification guide for charge nurses, implementing a new nursing master schedule, additional auditing protocols and a review of staff attraction and retention plans.

She says the goal is to return to full compliance as soon as possible.

Peabody says County Department Heads are committed to fixing the problems but this will mean more resources from the County.

Peabody firmly believes the biggest staffing challenge involves a shortage of PSW’s (Personal Support Workers) noting that there are currently seven positions that need to be filled.

Nero adds that sick time, maternity leaves and leaves of absence all contribute to the staffing challenges that Brucelea Haven is struggling with.

Nero says the County anticipates a positive and fully compliant annual inspections in 2019.

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