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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Employment Issues Identified In Huron, Bruce, Grey, Perth

Regional | by Peter Jackson  

Four County Labour Market Planning Board says shrinking workforce, aging population issues facing employers.

A rapidly shrinking workforce coupled with an aging population are two of the major issues, covered in the newly-released Four County Labour Market Planning Board 2018 report.

In presenting the document to Huron County Council Wednesday, Four County Executive Director Gemma Mendez-Smith repeated that there aren't enough workers to fill openings for skilled jobs in the region.

Some of the data contained in the report were collected through a survey of residents in Huron, Perth, Bruce and Grey Counties.

She told Council that the workforce participation rate among locals more than 50 years old is slightly less than the provincial average, while participation among those under 50 is higher.

Mendez-Smith points out that older survey respondents say they are not often considered for full-time work, and have to take part-time positions instead.

She adds that many seniors are not looking for full-time work, and consider themselves semi-retired.

The report also looks at the migration of people to and from Huron County between 2011 and 2016.

During that period, almost 2,000 more people in all age groups between zero and 65 left the County than moved in during the six-year period.

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