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Thursday, December 27, 2018

New South Bruce OPP Commander

South Bruce | by John Divinski  

Inspector Krista Miller has been with the detachment since June 2018

Inspector Krista Miller is the new Commander of the OPP, South Bruce Detachment and has been since October.

Inpsector Miller was introduced to Kincardine council recently so newly-elected members could introduce themselves to her.

Miller has been with the detachment since June 2018, filling in temporarily for then Inspector Dana Earley who was assigned to other duties at Regional Headquarters.

However Earley's opportunity turned into a full time position and Miller applied for the post in Kincardine and was accepted on a full time basis in October of 2018.

In her address to Kincardine's Committee of the Whole, Miller says the OPP's primary role as she sees it is to provide safety and security as best they can to the communities they serve.

Miller says her role is to liaise with community leaders to determine what the priorities are of the various communities and how best to address them.

She believes the number one priority of concern with the police officers under her command is the amount of mental health and addicition issues in some of the calls for service the detachment is receiving.

Miller says whether it's a violent crime or a property crime, chances are there is a mental health or addiction connection to it and they, along with health officials, need to address the problem.

She says since marijuana became legal October 17th, there has been no signficant increase in pot problems but there has been a spike in opioid issues.

On another front, Miller says police officers have been trained to use the new breath-sample-demand law as it was intended and that is to keep the roads safer for everyone.

She says cops aren't going to pull someone over unnecessarily for a breath sample but if a vehicle is lawfully pulled over, the law states a police officer can demand a breath sample.

With the new law comes stricter fines and penalties if you blow over the legal limit.

Miller, a 25-year veteran of policing, says she looks forward to her continuing role as detachment commander for South Bruce OPP.

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