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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Brockton Council Turns Down Request To Waive Building Fees

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Council had concerns over setting a precedent

The Cargill and District Community Centre fundraising committee had hoped that Council would waive the $7,100 dollars in building permit fees for the 710 thousand dollar renovation project.

Council decided against this as it would create a precedent that would be difficult to overcome.

Councillor Dean Leifso notes there are a lot of worthy organizations out there, he says once you waive the fee for one group, how do you not waive it for another?

Leifso says this becomes very problematic from a budgeting point of view.

For this very reason, in 2004 Brockton Council agreed with a staff recommendation to stop waiving building permit fees which offset the building departments budget. 

Instead staff requested that if Council wants to make a donation that is equivalent to the building fee permit they should take it from the general revenue budget.

After much discussion Brockton Council decided to follow protocol and not waive the building permit.

Mayor Chris Peabody says as much as Council supports the Cargill renovation project, Council can not break its precedent and begin waiving building permit fees.

This is not to say Brockton is not vested in the renovation project.

Brockton is financing 40 percent of the 710 thousand dollar Cargill and District Community Centre renovation project.

The other 60 percent is being raised through local fundraising efforts.

While Brockton will not be waiving the building permit fees, the option of giving a donation to the fundraising committee equivalent of the fee can be discussed in the upcoming budget meetings.

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