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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Association Calls for Mandatory Pre-pay at Gas Pumps

Orangeville | by Jill Young  

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police wants to prevent gas and dash thefts by implementing pre-payment.

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police is calling on the province to require all gas pumps to have pre-pay features.

They want to prevent Gas-and-Dash thefts which are on the rise in Ontario.

The Association says it's a 100 percent preventable crime, and changing it to have all customers prepay for gas would prevent unneccessary injuries and death to service station employees.

Orangeville Police say in 2018, 67 such incidents were reported locally, so they fully support this move.

The OACP also notes that the pre-payment technology exists on almost all gas pumps in Ontario, and that other provinces have already implemented mandatory pre-payment.

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