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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Council Sworn In, Hicks Acclaimed as Warden

Grey County | by Ken Hashizume  

The Deputy Mayor of Hanover is preaching balance and says he will be a cheerleader for the County.

The new Warden of Grey County is preaching balance.

Selwyn Hicks was acclaimed to the chair at Tuesday night's inaugural meeting of Grey County Council.

The Deputy Mayor of Hanover was nominated by Councillors Ian Boddy (Mayor of Owen Sound) and Sue Patterson (Mayor of Hanover) to lead Council in 2019.

Before the election of County Warden, all 16 members of Council were officially sworn in.

Hicks says when he first came up to Grey County, he wanted to succeed in his law business but also wanted to start a family and be involved in the community.

He says he was able to achieve that balance of work and lifestyle and we should be telling other people that they can also achieve it here.

Hicks says he is going to be a cheerleader for Grey County.

He says the region is a wonderful place to play but there are also good paying jobs and it is a great place to live.

On more pressing issues, Hicks says transportation and affordable housing on high on his priorities.

He says both issues are monsters to address.

Hicks says just because you have overcome poverty and have achieved success doesn't mean you can put it all behind you.

He says people have a duty to remember where they were before and be an advocate for them.


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