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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

New Brockton Mayor Charts Priorities

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Chris Peabody believes Brockton is well-positioned to benefit from Bruce Power Life Extension

Mayor Chris Peabody believes these are exciting days for Brockton.

After a period of slow growth and demographic challenges he says Brockton is on the brink of an economic boom with the Bruce Power restart.

Peabody calls it the largest infrastructure project in Canada that will provide 4 billion dollars in wages.

As the leader of Council, Peabody pledges to work collectively with staff and citizens to ensure that Brockton receives its fair share of this boom.

In order to take advantage of this growth, he says Brockton needs to ensure that there are policies and procedures in place to allow construction of housing to accommodate seniors and workers.

For too long in Brockton, Peabody says developers have had to struggle in an overly restrictive regulatory environment.

He believes many government agencies overreach their legislative mandates.

In order to ensure development in Brockton, Peabody says Council must work with the Province to temper this overreach. 

Balancing growth and services in the rural and urban areas is another key priority of Peabody.

One way to bring more attention and investment into the rural hamlets and villages says Peabody is by working the private sector utility companies for bring natural gas to rural Brockton.

Along with fostering growth, Peabody says Council needs to focus on core services including roads, recreation and emergency.

Peabody also commits to doing what he can to strengthen the Walkerton Hospital.

Peabody also plans to hold monthly Mayor’s Breakfast so he can give business leaders updates on Council work and seek input on their needs.

In his address to Council Peabody says he has no doubts that there will be disagreements and dissenting opinions from time to time.

He says that is fine so long as Council stives to work collaboratively and cooperatively with a shared focus to build a better Brockton.

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