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Monday, December 3, 2018

Inaugural for South Bruce Peninsula Council

South Bruce Peninsula | by John Divinski  

Mayor Jackson says the municipality is "right on the brink of a lot of growth and prosperity."

The newly elected council of South Bruce Peninsula has been sworn in and Mayor Janice Jackson sees some exciting times ahead.

Jackson, along with Deputy Mayor Jay Kirkland, returning councillor Paul McKenzie and newcomers Terry Bell and Kathy Durst, all took part in a special ceremony on Saturday, December 1st at the Wiarton Arena, with friends and family members looking on.

In her address to the 50 or so people attending, Mayor Jackson pointed out the municipality is "right on the brink of a lot of growth and prosperity."

She says the last council did its job in laying the foundation for the growth and now the new council is tasked with pushing it forward.

Jackson admits there were a lot of bumps along the way in the last 4-year term of office, but she points out the core of the last council has been re-elected and with two new members being added that have experience working in the community, she is confident it will be a harmonius run this time around.

She says that harmony is needed because there are many issues to deal with.

Jackson says more senior housing is important if the municipality is going to grow and she'd like to see some study put into locating an indoor aquatic centre in Wiarton.

She hopes a feasibility study on such a project can be started this term.

Mayor Jackson says she heard over and over again during the election campaign, that residents do not want to travel to Owen Sound to use a pool and the amenities that come with it.

The mayor says she knows the project won't come cheap but if it's debentured over 25 to 30 years, paying it off becomes affordable and the onus of paying for it, doesn't just hit current residents of the town but would also include future residents over the life of the debenture.

Jackson says debenturing the project is the way to go and is what has been used in the community to create the infrastructure it has now.

She says an indoor aquatic centre in Wiarton would likely attract customers from Northern Bruce Peninsula, Cape Croker and the north end of Georgian Bluffs, so she believes there is a business case for such a project.

The inaugural session of council kicked off with council members being piped into the Community Hall at the arena by the McClaren Pipe and Drum Band.

The first working session of the new council takes place on Tuesday, December 4th, 1pm, at the Town Hall in Wiarton.


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