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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Too Few Sign Up For Huron County Wind Turbine Study

Huron County | by Fadi Didi  

Epidemiologist says only 113 of 1,000 needed participants took part in local wind turbine health study.

A health study in Huron County had too few participants to conclude whether wind turbines cause negative health effects.

Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Clark says 113 took part in the health survey.

A thousand were needed in order for Huron County Health Unit officials to begin confirming any correlation between wind turbines and negative health effects.

Dr. Clark says roughly 5 thousand residents were eligible for the study, with mailings being circulated during the recruitment period.

When asked why participation in the study was low, she claims many potential participants felt there was little cost benefit to taking part in the study.

Clark tells us some individuals refused to participate because health officials have no regulatory authority over wind turbines.

Others simply wanted to move on from discussions over wind farms.

As for what happens next, Clark says an interim report will be released in the coming weeks, detailing the immediate results of surveying.

In the new year, Clark will review the analysis plan, to determine what can be done with the little information gathered.

She expects a full report will be produced by the end of 2019.

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