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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Walkerton May Miss Out On Christmas Lights

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

The custom made lights that were ordered in June may not get there by Christmas.

Light plan example provided by Brockton.  

It looks like Walkerton is going to have to get into the Christmas spirit without its long awaited and anticipated Christmas lights.

The special custom made lights that were ordered in June may not get here by Christmas.

The 26 thousand dollars worth of Christmas lights that were supposed to be adorning Walkerton’s downtown right now are stuck at the border in Vancouver.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieurszak jests that the Grinch is alive and well sitting at customs desk right now with Brockton’s Christmas lights.

The 76 units of lights have been stuck at customs for almost two weeks now.

This is incredibly disappointing for many in the community who have come together to make the lights possible.

The cost of the lights is being shared (not equally) by Brockton, the BIA, Spruce the Bruce as well as other community service clubs and groups who have come together to chip in for the project.

The custom blue and white lights have been specifically made to tie in with Brockton’s branding.

Geiruszak says unfortunately it does not look like the lights will make it in time for this weekend’s parade.

In fact if the lights are not here by early December they will not go up at all.

This is because it cost about 12 hundred dollars to install the lights and take them down.

If the lights arrive too late, officials say they can not justify the 12 hundred dollar expense.

The lights were ordered in June and were suppose to arrive in Walkerton by early November.

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