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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Proposed Maternity Home May Still Go Ahead

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton Heritage Committee withdraws proposal to use old Walkerton Armoury.

Preserving the past or shaping the future, is a question Brockton Council will no longer have to wrestle with.

The Brockton Heritage Committee has withdrawn its proposal to utilize the old Walkerton Armoury for heritage purposes.

No one is more grateful than Bobby-Jo Moran the woman who wants to convertthe Armoury into a Maternity Home for pregnant women in need.

In early November a lease agreement between Moran and Brockton was tabled byCouncil after an eleventh hour request came in from the Brockton HeritageCommittee to utilize the building to store artifacts and possibly showcase displays.

At the time of the request, Moran was quite concerned that her dream ofopening a Maternity Home for young pregnant girls in crisis was in jeopardy.

Looking back, Moran says the Brockton Heritage Committee’s last minute request was a blessing in disguise; as the media coverage on the story helped bring to light what she was trying to do in the community.

She says her proposed Maternity Home has received a lot of positive p.r. noting there was even a 500 plus petition circulating in support of her project.

Not only is the community now aware of her project, she says numerous volunteers have come forth offering their services to help Moran get the old Armoury building whipped into shape.

Before that can happen though, she needs Brockton’s blessing on the lease agreement.

The proposed lease agreement will likely come before Council in December.

Moran’s vision of a Maternity Home involves offering day services to pregnant girls in need including counseling and life skill classes.

Moran extends her great appreciation to the Brockton Heritage Committee for withdrawing their proposal.

She says "We are not here to erase history, we are here to make history."

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