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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Huron County Business Asked To Pay $17.44 Living Wage

Huron County | by Peter Jackson  

Libro Credit Union says living wage helps retain staff, keep positive work culture.

The United Way Perth-Huron is encouraging business and industry in the two Counties to become "Living Wage Champions".

The United Way's Social Research and Planning Council recently revised its definition of a  living wage to $17.44 an hour -- up from $16.47 at its first setting in 2015.

The announcement was made at the Goderich branch of Libro Credit Union.

The company's regional manager, Marty Rops says his company participates in the living wage program, to provide competitive pay to its workers and foster a positive working environment.

He adds that a living wage can help local employers retain workers who might otherwise leave, in pursuit of a higher-paying job elsewhere.

Rops promotes the living wage, because the cost of living in a rural area like Huron and Perth Counties is much higher than many people think.

He says the urban idea that it's cheaper to live in the country isn't true, because of the cost of transportation and the fact many rural communities have only one grocery store.

The living wage determined by the SRPC is based on a family of four whose parents each work full-time at 35 hours a week.

The formula takes in the cost of typical household expenses like housing, food, clothing, transportation, childcare and insurance.

Rops says Libro will continue to be a living wage employer "because it's the right thing to do".

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