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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Highway 6 Safety Meeting Tonight

Wiarton | by Claire McCormack  

First of two meetings this week on safety campaign results & to take public suggestions.

A meeting is set for tonight in Wiarton to talk about the effort to make Highway 6 on the Bruce Peninsula safer.

Six people died in 2017 on the road and since then, efforts have been made to stop dangerous driving on the two-lane highway.  No one has died on the road so far in 2018.

Terry Bell, Chair of the Bruce Peninsula Safer Communities Committee says in 2017, 70 people were charged with stunt driving on the highway. In 2018, he says 130 were charged.

He says an increased police presence and safety campaigns on the Chi-Cheemaun and on social media has helped.

But he notes the OPP were pulling in officers from other areas, and sometimes working overtime.
Bell argues it's the police presence that's made a huge difference in dealing with racing, "Are they slowing down? No. Are they going to slow down? I'm saying this just from a personal opinion, only if the same level of police presence is available every year."

His group is still looking to do more. They want more public input, more feedback for the province and more public awareness.

There are two public meetings this week, one at the Wiarton Arena at 7 on Tuesday the 13th, and the other in Lion's Head on Wednesday the 14th at the Bethel Church at 7 p.m.  Bell wants people to "Ask questions, make suggestions and take a look at what we can do in the future."

Results of efforts by the community group, the MTO, the OPP, other police services, town councils and others will be shared. The public is also encouraged to share their feedback and ideas.

If you can't make it to the meeting, Bell suggests taking your concerns to your MPP, "I think if there is enough public input and enough interest in maintaining a high level of safety on that road that we're going to have to go through our provincial government and make sure that they can still make highway a priority from a safety perspective."

Bell says the MTO deserves credit "They have really been helpful in our struggle with this road." He also credits some Tobermory residents who have donated money for promotional purposes.


Below is a new safety video shown on the Chi-Cheemaun. Close to 200,000 people see it in a season.


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