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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Living Wages Rises To $17.44 In Huron, Perth Counties

Huron-Perth | by Peter Jackson  

United Way's Social Research & Planning Council says living wage requires two working parents.

The hourly wage it takes to make ends meet in Huron and Perth Counties is $17.44 an hour.

The United Way Perth Huron's Social Research and Planning Council has made the determination, based on a family of four and using nine factors in its calculation.

The SRPC Wednesday made the announcement during a news conference in Goderich.

Council director Susanna Reid tells Country 104.9 News that the new amount is based on both parents working, and takes in the cost of typical household expenses.

Those expenses include housing, food, clothing, transportation, childcare and insurance.

The previous living wage amount was set at $16.47 an hour in 2015, but the SRPC will now update the rate annually.

Reid says employers in the healthcare, manufacturing and social services sectors find the $17.44 benchmark to be low while those in agriculture, accommodation and food services say the wage would be difficult to meet.

Employers who are able to pay their employees $17.47 an hour are recognized by the United Way as "Living Wage Champions".

One is Libro Credit Union, at whose Goderich branch the announcement was made.

The provincial minimum wage is $14 per hour, under legislation passed by the former Liberal government.

A hike to $15 an hour scheduled for January 1st was wiped out by the Conservatives, shortly after they were elected last spring.

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