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Friday, November 9, 2018

Chatsworth Council Votes for Pay Increase

Chatsworth | by Ken Hashizume  

The increase is intended to offset the loss of the tax exemption.

The new Chatsworth Council will see a bump in pay come the new year.

The outgoing Council approved a pay increase at Wednesday's  meeting.

The Mayor will receive $25,738 ($22,061 in 2018), Deputy Mayor $21,380 ($18,326), and Councillors $19,423 ($16,648) before taxes and deductions.

The move is in response to a decision by the previous Liberal government to cancel the tax exemption on one-third of the remuneration for all municipal Council members.

Mayor Bob Pringle says the increase is to offset the loss from the tax exemption.

He says this will ensure that remuneration will be maintained at the same level and will increase every year base on the consumer price index (CPI).

Pringle says the loss of the tax exemption is concerning for those who put their time to serve on Council or for anyone planning to run for municipal office in the future.

He says they shouldn't have to lose any money to do this.

Pringle says the increase will have a small impact on the levy.

He says it is an increase of about $21,000 for the entire Council.


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