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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Robert Buckle

South Bruce | by Travis Jackson  

Candidate for South Bruce Mayor

1/ Are you in favour of bricks-and-mortar cannabis stores in your municipality? Why or why not? 

Not in favour until the government officially pass all laws pertaining to the cannabis issues and I feel we should have a wait and see approach.

2/ What are your plans for future economic development strategies? With the Bruce Power extending its operating life for decades, an influx of new residents are expected in the region. How will we accommodate them? 

We have a company that built a large facility in South Bruce to service Bruce Power that will create jobs locally here. We also have 5 planned residential subdivisions to be soon developed with 2 already started and there is capacity for more students in our many schools, plus in our recreational facilities in South Bruce.

3/ With prosperity, comes hardship. Many local businesses are concerned that they do not have enough employees to sustain their businesses because of the many high paying jobs that exist in the region combined with the low unemployment rate. How do we make local businesses sustainable, in your opinion? 

Since this is a problem throughout the province all levels of government should get involved and come up with a solution. 

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