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Friday, October 12, 2018

Kym Hutcheon

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton Councillor Candidate

1) What can Brockton do to promote economic growth and youth retention?

I feel recreation is extremely important for residents of all ages. If we do not supply excellent recreational services, families and businesses will move to other communities which do.

By continuing to support our existing businesses, it will in fact attract even more. We must ensure the beautification of our shopping areas is stepped up. Our parking lots in downtown Walkerton need to be rejuvenated. Investing monies this way shows prospective investors that we as a community care about our community. Increasing our tax base by attracting new businesses helps keep taxes as low as possible.
2) Should Brockton provide the same services in its rural villages and hamlets as it does in Walkerton?  (sidewalk snow clearing, flowers along the main street etc.)  If so can Brockton afford this cost?

Rural communities pay the same taxes as Walkerton, therefore, must have the same services. This will also increase the chances of new builds in our hamlets. There are many sidewalks in disrepair within these hamlets which must be dealt with. Also, there are specific places where new sidewalks must be built to ensure the safety of all our residents. I want to see the sidewalk extended along Chepstow Road beside the mill. Children and adults walk here every day and it becomes extremely dangerous during the winter when they are also covered with snow. Snow removal is supplied in Walkerton and our hamlets must have the same! Brockton can afford it and must.
3) Would you support allowing a cannabis retail operation to set up shop in Brockton?

I do support a retail shop in Brockton with caution. It should not be located near our schools. I want to ensure we retain shoppers in our community, not encourage them to go to neighbouring communities which will offer what will be completely legal. It will be a financial benefit to Brockton. There is concern that our students will abuse cannabis but if they do, it doesn't mean it was purchased at the retail shop. I imagine many will continue to grow their own but now it will be legal. Public intoxication whether through cannabis or alcohol is unacceptable and will be handled by our police.

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