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Friday, October 12, 2018

Brandon Koebel

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Hanover Council Candidate

1) Hanover is bursting at the seams and in need of more land for development.  How would you address this challenge?

Building partnerships with the Municipality of West Grey will be important for Hanover moving forward. However, it should also be noted that underutilized and vacant land remains within the Town boundaries. Hanover will have to work with property owners and the County to identify future land needs and to develop attractive opportunities for new business and industry. 

2) Many residents are expressing safety concerns regarding Hanover’s Trail System.  Much of this concern stems from ‘Tent City’, (individuals living in tents in the forested area near the trails.)  How should the Town address these safety concerns?

Tent City is a concern for Hanover residents. I would like to see greater communication and connection between local agencies to address the underlying causes of homelessness, and I think that Council could take the lead. For example, having the Canadian Mental Health Association, Hanover Police, the Hanover & District Hospital and Keystone coming together to look for gaps in service and to find ways that these agencies can support each other would be a good first step. Safety measures, such as Blue Light Emergency Phones and increased Police presence will also be important to ensure all Hanover residents feel safe on our Community Trail System.
3) Would you support allowing a cannabis retail operation to set up shop in Hanover? 

With cannabis legalized and online stores open as of October 17, Hanover should be open to having a brick and mortar store. However, Council should create specific bylaws to determine where such a retail operation could be located. We have to face that marijuana is a commodity, and I believe the Town should reep the benefits of people buying it from a local, regulated store that employs local people. I hope that Hanover will soon see economic benefits from the medicial marijuana plant in our industrial park. 


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