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Friday, October 12, 2018

Warren Dickert

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Hanover Council Candidate

1) Hanover is bursting at the seams and in need of more land for development.  How would you address this challenge?

To start with we need to put together all the facts and make a compelling presentation to County council supporting this need. The economic impact that Hanover has on Grey County cannot be ignored and county support for border changes is the first step. We must also try to do this in a way that is a win for all parties. This will require creative thinking and some new ideas as the past approach has had very little success. Although growth to the east appears to be everyone’s first choice I believe we need to look in all directions and explore all options. We also need to consider the most efficient use of our remaining water and waste water treatment capabilities.
2) Many residents are expressing safety concerns regarding Hanover’s Trail System.  Much of this concern stems from ‘Tent City’, (individuals living in tents in the forested area near the trails.)  How should the Town address these safety concerns?

I have several ideas to deal with this concern. Police presence on the trails and support from the community perhaps similar to the neighborhood watch model. Formation of groups to walk the trails with clearly identifiable vests or the like to let offenders know people are watching, perhaps one of the service clubs in town would take this on.  Signage so people can identify where they are on the trail to allow for quicker and more accurate response to trail incidents. We should also consider the use of technology such as cameras for surveillance.  Equipping police and fire with an off road vehicle to allow quicker response if an incident does occur should also be considered. Making sure current by-laws allow for the appropriate action when offenders are identified. We also need to ensure that if someone reports an incident or suspicious behavior they are advised of the outcome of the investigation.
3) Would you support allowing a cannabis retail operation to set up shop in Hanover? 
As of Oct 17 it will be legal to purchase and use recreational cannabis therefore making it very difficult to stop a business from setting up shop in Hanover. Online sales will have the product readily available in town so I would concentrate my efforts on making sure that if a retail store wanted to locate in Hanover we ensure the location of such a facility is in the best interest of protecting our youth. My personal preference would be seeing a reputable retail chain with existing ties to the community given the rights for distribution in our town.

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