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Friday, October 12, 2018

Shawn Greig

Chatsworth | by Claire McCormack  

Chatsworth Candidates Q & A Municipal Election 2018

1/ Do you support Bricks-and-mortar marijuana stores in your municipality? Why? Why not?

Although the legislation regarding Marijuana is being imposed too fast and without proper planning or answers to many questions I am not against a "bricks and mortar store." The consumer will dictate if the market is needed and we
need to be open to all ideas or possible opportunities in Chatsworth Township.


2/What would be your main priority if elected to council?

Continued planning to replace/repair/remove aging infrastructure and facilities is very important. A proactive approach to planning is a priority. Not a reactive one.


3/ What are your views on the current long term care situation in the County?   

Although long term care is a decision made at Grey County Council not Chatsworth I will continue to press our County representatives to work to keep Grey Gables open.  Closing it is not in the best interests of our residents. 

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