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Friday, October 12, 2018

Diana Rae

Chatsworth | by Claire McCormack  

Chatsworth Candidates Q & A Municipal Election 2018

1/ Do you support Bricks-and mortar marijuana stores in your municipality? Why?

Yes, with the appropriate by-laws and proper zoning laws in place.  Especially with the talk of edibles becoming legalized within the coming year.  It would be a controlled environment where under-aged individuals would not be allowed.  Also, it would lift the stigma for medicinal marijuana users.

2/ What would be your main priority if elected to council?
 My main priority would be to always remember that I represent the people of the Municipality of Chatsworth.  Together we need to be engaged in promoting and attracting the kind of development that we want in our communities.  We need sound policy and reliable High Speed Internet; needed for Medical Clinics, Schools, Small business and yes, Timmies! High Speed Internet is essential to thrive in todays world in order to generate new revenue to meet our needs and bring down our taxes.  Also together we need to plan ahead for development and repairs of our Recreational Facilities.

3/What are your views on the current long term care situation in the County?
As far as Grey Gables goes, we have the right to pursue this further beyond the Grey County Board to Bill Walker, Larry Miller, all the way up to Doug Ford.  The logical thing to do is to add a wing to Grey Gables for assisted living and the building was designed for that.  Also, build our hospital in Markdale.  After years of fundraising, it is time to put the shovel in the ground.  The hospital is in need of replacing, not Grey Gables.


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