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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Roland Anstett

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton Councillor Candidate

1) What can Brockton do to promote economic growth and youth retention?

I believe that Brockton needs to work closely and in harmony with our existing businesses to ensure that the proper climate is being maintained and fostered to allow our businesses to succeed now and in the future.  If elected, I will work tirelessly t listen and provide businesses with the tools and support they need to be successful.
As well, I believe that council needs to work with local companies and businesses to ensure that they are staying profitable so that they are able to continue offering well paying employment to youth in Brockton and those looking for opportunities as well.  

2) Should Brockton provide the same services in its rural villages and hamlets as it does in Walkerton?  (sidewalk snow clearing, flowers along the main street etc.)  If so can Brockton afford this cost?

Yes, I firmly maintain that services must and should be the same across the entire municipality. We are one municipality with the same tax base, therefore we should be providing the same service’s to everyone in the municipality regardless if you live in Walkerton, Chepstow, Elmwood or Pinkerton.  As well I believe that we must and should maintain all services, sidewalks, roads and all infrastructure the same as we do in the rural areas; we are on municipality and we should provide the same services to everyone.

3) Would you support allowing a cannabis retail operation to set up shop in Brockton? 

I believe that we need to look at a number of key factors when discussing this topic. !. Location 2. Safety and 3. Enforcement.  We have two High Schools in Brockton and we need to ensure that students are well protected and safe that the e  local police detachment are prepared.  If elected, I would insist on public consultation be held across Brockton to determine the public’s opinion on the matter before it would happen  At the end of the day as your councilor I will work for you. If the residents want this, then I will work hard for it to be a reality.

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