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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

David Riach

Northern Bruce Peninsula | by Claire McCormack  

Nothern Bruce Peninsula Candidate Q & A Municipal Election 2018

1/Do you support Bricks-and-mortar marijuana stores in your municipality? Why? Why not?
I would support legal distribution stores for marijuana if they reduce the black  market for marijuana      

2/ What would be your main priority if elected to council?
Priority number one is to examine and if necessary amend the Official Plan and Comprehensive Zone Bylaw  to conform with current and future needs of the Municipality of North Bruce Peninsula.

3/ How to you plan to address growth in some parts of the municipality while also handling the tourism influx in the area?
The public and business owners all need to have input to sustainable growth and development. A plan for the future needs to be developed and implemented. There have been studies completed to date but not always acted   so         now is the time to move forward.

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