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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Randy Hines

Northern Bruce Peninsula | by Claire McCormack  

Nothern Bruce Peninsula Candidate Q & A Municipal Election 2018

1/ Do you support Bricks-and-mortar marijuana stores in your municipality? Why? Why not?
As running candidate it is a difficult question to answer with any degree of accuracy. I have a personal opinion and concerns about this question, but would need broader Information from the community as to what they desire to See, and how it would affect the values and image of their community, and the message it sends to young people.  

Social, recreational concerns, and medical convenience must be decided by the public it affects.

2/ What would be your main priority if elected to council?
The comprehensive rezoning bylaws are the first priority here as it will directly affect property values and use. The residents of NBP need strong representation and solid factual information on this issue as it also relates to residential development and even tourism as well. The newly elected council must amend the existing document so it will benefit

The residents and their right to develop, improve and prosper from their hard earned investments. when elected i will work to amend the existing document line by line until it serves and protects property owners.

3/ How do you plan to address sustainable growth, development and tourism in the municipality?
"Sustainable development" is misunderstood by the public at all levels.
It will affect every aspect of people lives on every level. Its a voluntary global movement created to address climate change by the United Nations "Agenda 21 now Agenda 30 to be implemented at the muncipal level. Residents need to research it and be informed about it. This is the most important issue facing us.
Addressing tourism challenges can and must solved by a fresh new council, willing and informed by public consultation and resourceful in action. i will bring their voice to the table at council when elected.


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