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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Terry Heffernan

Northern Bruce Peninsula | by Claire McCormack  

Nothern Bruce Peninsula Candidate Q & A Municipal Election 2018

1/ Do you support Bricks-and-mortar marijuana stores in your municipality? Why? Why not?

This is a tough one as the concept is so new. I have to say that I was in favour of the process the Province originally laid out where sales would be handled under the LCBO in separate brick & mortar locations. I believe that the new Provincial Government is going to open up licensing to anyone that wants to apply & meets the criteria. I'm not in favour of this direction and I would have to review just what that criteria was. If I felt it was stringent enough and enforceable I would have to vote in favour.

2/ What would be your main priority if elected to council?

Coming up with a new Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw that takes into consideration land owner rights and concerns while respecting our responsibilities as land Stewarts. I believe that a balance can be found that will satisfy the vast majority of landowner and environmental concerns. The proposed Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw fell far short meeting that criteria. I would propose that we start from the beginning of the process until we come up with something that most everyone can accept. Consultation with stake holders, mediation, public meetings for input.....whatever it takes!

3/ How to you plan to address growth in some parts of the municipality while also handling the tourism influx in the area?

I believe that the Municipality needs to take the lead in this issue through a multi pronged approach. We need to sit down with Parks Canada & explore how they can help us with the tourism influx. We need to look at licensing/inspection/bylaw enforcement of cottage rentals to ensure a) the safety of the tourists b) the lifestyle expected by residents (peace & quiet) and c) that environmental concerns (i.e. septic capacity) are not putting an undue strain on our environment. I'm in favour of a user pay system (i.e. Paid parking) to help build the infrastructure needed.



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