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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Leroy Dirckx Mayoral Candidate

Northern Bruce Peninsula | by Claire McCormack  

1/ Do you support Bricks-and-mortar marijuana stores in your municipality? Why? Why not?

I do support marijuana retail stores in our municipality.  I have long believed in the benefits of responsible use of marijuana and access to it for people in need of it is vitally important to those who benefit from its use.

2/ What would be your main priority if elected to council?
Infrastructure needs to keep up with growing tourism.  Washroom facilities, waste disposal containers and manpower for 24/7 summer bylaw enforcement for the maintenance and enforcement of infrastructure and bylaws is crucial for the summer months.  Changing the official plan and bylaw to include zonings which allow for multi-units and lower cost housing are critical and need addressed immediately.

3/ How do you plan to address sustainable growth, development and tourism in the municipality?

I again rely on my answer to #2 which is also a main priority for council during this next mandate.


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