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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bee Hotels In Brockton

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Bee & Butterfly gardens went so well this summer, Bee Hotels are being placed around town.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons 

Brockton is buzzing about its latest project to help Bring Back the Bees.

After the success of this summer’s creation of bee and butterfly gardens, Horticulturalist Barb Nixon says it was time to take the project to the next level.

Nixon says the Parks and Recreation Department have constructed a handful of ‘bee hotels’ and have located them around Walkerton to provide nesting spots to house Mason bees and their little ones over the harsh winter months. (Soccer fields, Rotary Park, e-waste station as well as other parkland).

The project says Nixon is quite simple.

She says to create a bee hotel you simply need to drill a number of bee sized tunnels into a piece of wood or a log which can  be mounted to a post or building of some sorts.

Nixon is very excited about the project noting that the bees have already taken up residence in the various bee hotels, nesting and laying their eggs.

These bee hotels will serve as a permanent home for the next generation of bees as they develop from an egg to a larva to a pupa and finally as an adult bee when they emerge from the bee hotel next Spring.

Nixon calls it a simple way to help protect one of nature’s most important pollinators.

This summer thanks to a 3 thousand dollar grant from Community Foundation Grey Bruce in partnership with the Walkerton Rotary Club, the Saugeen Conservation Authority and the Brockton Environmental Advisory Committee a number of bee and butterfly gardens were planted in Walkerton.

The pollinator gardens were filled with native flowers and shrubs to attract bees and butterflies.

Nixon says it has been a wonderful project and she encourages residents and farmers to consider planting their own bee and butterfly gardens this Spring or create their own bee hotels for the colder months.

Nixon says the Bring Back the Bee project is one that Brockton will carry forward in the new year.

She says these bee gardens and bee hotels are not only good for the bees but for the environment as well.


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