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Thursday, September 20, 2018

School Board Backs Teachers On Sex Ed

Grey Bruce | by John Divinski  

Bluewater School Board says it will back teaching of all concepts in the 2015 phys ed curriculum.

The Bluewater District School Board trustees have sent a message to its teachers, particularly the elementary teachers.

The board has got your back when it comes to teaching about human sexuality in the schools, despite the controversy from the province on the matter.

Board chair Ron Motz says they will follow the law of the province but in a Notice of Motion, he says the board supports the teaching of all concepts included in the 2015 edition of Elementary Health and Physical Education, through the delivery of other curricula available to the teachers.

Motz says bottom line, the needs of the students are still being met "in spite of this kafuffle from the (Provincial) government."

He says all the requirements of the 2015 curriculum can still be covered through other avenues.

Motz points out there are other subjects, such as Science and Technology, Language, Social Studies/History, Geography and the Arts that deal with the health and physical education side of the issue.

Most trustees at the September 18th regular board meeting approved the Notice of Motion except Southgate/Grey Highlands trustee Jim Dawson.

Dawson tells the story of a primary-aged child who asked her grandmother if she was a girl or a boy following some transgender discussion at school that he believes, was inappropriate for the age.

Based on that, he couldn't support the motion although he did point out he agreed with most of its points but this one issue prevented  him from voting in favour.

The Notice of Motion also calls for the board to write a letter to Premier Doug Ford urging the government to withdraw the parent reporting portal, more infamously known as the Snitch Line, that can be used anonymously by parents if they feel teachers are overstepping the boundaries when it comes to human sexuality teachings.

The letter will also be sent to Education Minister, Huron Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson, along with other MPP's, opposition members and education organizations including other boards of education.

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