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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

UNIFOR Says They Have Plan B, If NAFTA Talks Fail

Regional | by John Divinski  

Union's National Secretary/Treasurer says Americans and Canadians would be hurt by lack of trade deal.

As NAFTA negotiations between Canada and the U. S. get set to resume, UNIFOR is keeping a close eye on what happens.

The union's national Secretary/Treasurer Bob Orr, in Port Elgin recently for the annual Labour Day parade, says he hopes a deal can be reached but if not, it won't be the end of the world in Canada.

UNIFOR, which represents a large segment of auto workers in Canada, says they will have a Plan B in place and will respond in the future if necessary.

Orr says UNIFOR has studied the impact of no NAFTA, and says it would mean more competition in an unlevel playing field but the U. S. stands to lose out as well.

He points out that Canada has energy and natural resources that the Americans need and at this point, are part of NAFTA.

No deal means changes on both sides of the border.

Orr didn't mince words when he says the entire issue surrounds the whims of U. S. President Donald Trump and he says "conventional wisdom doesn't apply."

Orr says common sense says a managed trade deal between Canada, the U. S. and Mexico is far better than unmanaged trade but experience shows
trying to find common ground with Trump at the helm, can be akin to a "crap shoot."

He says you can go into the latest series of talks and Trump could put "five different things on the table never before discussed."

Orr says UNIFOR will continue to follow the NAFTA story and will be ready to act, should the talks fail.

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