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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Greenhouse Gas Grant Cancelled

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

A recent decision by the Province to cancel a a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant isn't sitting well in Brockton.

A plan to construct a combined energy efficient Walkerton Brant Workshop Garage is now on hold.

Mayor David Inglis says Brockton can not afford to take on the half million dollar project without Ministry grant dollars.

The municipality had high hopes that it would qualify for the 50 percent grant funding. 

This was Brockton second attempt at the funding dollars, having unsuccessfully applied for similar funding last year.

Inglis says the combined Walkerton Brant Work Shop would have left a much smaller carbon footprint than the current two shops which both received very poor energy efficiency score ratings.

He believes the province is being too abrupt cancelling so many green energy act grants and programs.

But he is not without hope, Inglis recently met with the new Infrastructure Minister Monty McNaughton who left him with the promise of future infrastructure grant opportunities.

Inglis says it is his sincere hope that this government will listen to the needs and concerns of rural Ontario.

He says Brockton will continue to put pressure on the Province to do just that.

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