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Monday, August 27, 2018

Granic Allen Wants Sex Ed Changed

Regional | by Kevin Bernard  

Former PC leadership candidate has a petition with 10,000 signatures against curriculum.

A strong supporter of Doug Ford in the Ontario Conservative leadership race, is not totally satisfied with the proposal to replace the current SEX-ED program.

Tanya Granic Allen of Southern Grey county, (Wellbeck Sawmill area) ran against Ford for the leadership of the party and later supported his candidacy.

She is President of Parents as First Educators and her organization has collected 10 thousand signatures on a paper petition, calling for a full repeal of the Kathleen Wynne implemented curriculum introduced in 2015.

That petition is headed off to the Ontario legislature.

Meanwhile, Granic Allen says Education Minister Lisa Thompson released her new “Interim” Health and Physical Education curriculum, and while she is pleased with some of what was announced, she says there are some serious flaws.

One big problem for her revolves around what the Ford government plans to teach regarding ‘gender identity’ and the liberal ideology on which it is based.

Granic Allen points out Thompson specifically left in ‘gender identity’ as something that she expects to be taught, but she is disappointed Premier Doug Ford has agreed to it.

The southern Grey County woman asks “Is this a Doug Ford flip-flop?” “Or is the ‘gender identity’ component of the Thompson sex-ed curriculum simply a mistake.

Granic Allen is calling on Education Minister Lisa Thompson to immediately instruct the province’s school boards to provide “ample notice” to all Ontario parents as to when each sex-ed class would be taught, so that parents would be able to remove their children from those classes.

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