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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New Online Presence For Kincardine

Kincardine | by Travis Jackson  

Kincardine has a new website, Facebook page, Instagram & LinkedIn to promote investment.

Kincardine's Instagram logo 

Kincardine has a new website and new social media that thoroughly explain why you and your business should move into the area.

There is a new website (, Facebook page, Instagram, and LinkedIn (Kincardine - Naturally Enterprising).

Recently, Community Development Officer, Jenna Ujiye, presented the Community and Economic Development Short Term Workplan.

Ujiye stepped into the role of Community Development Officer recently after years of vacancy, and she's been hard at work ever since.

''Kincardine, Naturally Enterprising'' will be the main logo and tagline for community and economic development communications moving forward.

The workplan discusses the major goals and tasks that will be undertaken over the next three months. These tasks are grouped into four categories including, Business Development and Retention, Nuclear Supply Chain Development and Support, Residential Growth and Retention, and Communications.

The goal of this new workplan is to create a strategy that capitalizes nuclear sector related growth, as well as other diversified business opportunities for future sustainability.

Ujiye says to give her a call anytime to discuss starting a business, learning more about what the Municipality is working on from an economic standpoint, or any other community based questions. Call her at 519-396-3468 x145

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