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Monday, August 13, 2018

Local Heart And Stroke Office Is Closing.

Owen Sound | by Claire McCormack  

The Owen Sound office opened in 1985 and closes at the end of this month.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation office in Owen Sound is closing.

Erin Killoran, Regional Director for Northeastern Ontario says the organization is closing 24 offices across the country. The idea is to have fewer "physical footprints' and a more mobile workforce."

The Owen Sound Office, which has been there since 1985, will close by the end of the month. According to Killoran, before that, there was a home office for the area. 

Killoran says the idea is to increase the organization's profitability. "The world has changed in terms of being online and we're just moving away from the number of physical offices that we have." 

The offices will serve larger regions now. The communities covered by the Owen Sound office (Tobermory to Collingwood and further south) will be split in half with some being covered by Barrie and some by the Kitchener office. 

She says two full-time jobs will be lost in Owen Sound. 

The number of jobs lost Canada wide is unclear at this time, and Killoran says she doesn't have a figure offhand for how much money would be 'saved' by closing the Owen Sound office or how much more would go to support research after 24 locations close down in Canada. 

Killoran notes most of the events the organization runs will continue. The Big Bike, however, will not come to rural communities. "We'll be keeping the big bike in that larger urban locations where the are more corporate teams and ability for us to really maximize on those events." 

"The public expects us to be as efficient and responsible as possible and maximize the funds that are available for mission work," says Killoran.

To see how you can still support the foundation, go to

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