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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Social Housing Projects Impacted In Bruce County.

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

Elimination of the Green Energy Rebate Program hits some upgrades planned for social housing.

Some energy efficient capital work on social housing properties owned by Bruce County has been affected by the recent cancellation of the Green Energy Rebate program by the provincial government.

The county Director of Human Services, Christine MacDonald told her committee on August 2nd, the county will not be receiving almost $127,000 in grants that would have been used to upgrade windows and doors on the housing, in order to reduce green house gas emissions.

MacDonald says that doesn't mean the work won't get done but it does mean, it has to be put back in the county's capital works queue, to be dealt with in the future when it makes it way to the top of the list.

She says the cancellation will have a ripple effect.

They had hoped to do the project sooner, which means operational costs would have come down sooner and the extra money would have been re-invested in other work on the properties but now that isn't going to happen.

The committee agreed to repeal a bylaw that would have seen the work move forward through the provincial grant.

The grant program was cancelled when the province, under the newly-election Progressive Conservatives, scrapped the cap and trade program.

Now, MacDonald says, as part of the asset management program energy reduction initiatives will continue to be incorporated as feasible when undertaking renovations to housing stock in Bruce County.

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