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Saturday, August 4, 2018

House Fire in Hanover

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

No one injured, but family pet dies in tragic blaze

Hanover and West Grey Firefighters worked side by side till the wee hours of the morning on house fire in the 600 block of 21st avenue.

The call came in shortly after 9 pm, upon arrival there were flames shooting from the home.

The Hanover Fire Department quickly knocked down the fire and had the blaze under control by the time the West Grey Fire Department arrived.

However, it took hours to get all of the smoke under control to ensure the fire was truly out.

Fire Chief Jeff Dentinger says Hanover and West Grey firefighters were working in very high heat conditions as the smoke billowed into huge clouds of smoke that could be smelt half way across town.

Upon investigation, it appears it was a cooking fire that originated in the kitchen.

Thankfully there was no loss of human life or injury, unfortunately one of the family pets, a dog did not survive the fire.

Witnesses report a man driving up to the fire yelling he needed to save his dog, he was prevented from entering the home.

There were six fire apparatuses in total used to combat the blaze, four pumpers and two rescue trucks.

Dentinger says he is very grateful for the help of the Neustadt division of the West Grey Fire Department for helping out.

The Hanover and West Grey Fire Department worked together well as a team and as a result were successfully able to contain and extinguish the fire to minimize damage.

As for the Hanover home, it is still standing,  it will be up to insurance to determine how much fire, water and smoke damage was done.

Dentinger commends firefighters for a job well done, they were on the scene from around 9:15pm  to 2 am in the morning.

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