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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bruce Power Wins Silver Best App Award

Tiverton | by Travis Jackson  

Free mobile app has electricity bill calculator, real-time updates on Bruce Power's output.

Bruce Power has received recognition from the Public Relations World Awards, winning silver in the 'Best App of the Year' category.

Among other features, the company's free mobile app - available on iOS and Android - showcases an electricity bill calculator, helping users understand where their electricity comes from, and the energy system's costs and impacts on air quality. The app also provides real-time updates on Bruce Power's output, news, job opportunities, community initiatives and other current information.

"We know that Ontarians want to understand where their electricity comes from, what it costs, and whether it impacts the environment," said James Scongack, Bruce Power's Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Environment. "Bruce Power's free app helps Ontarians to interpret the information on their energy bills and demonstrates Bruce Power's role in providing Ontario with a reliable source of low-cost, clean energy."

One of the most popular features of the app is the interactive calculators that provide users with knowledge about their personal electricity use. With the 'Cost and Clean Air Calculator,' users can input their monthly electricity use and see first-hand where their power comes from, the average percentage costs from each source, and the impact of nuclear power on Ontario's energy supply.

Bruce Power's app also features a 'Conservation Calculator,' which allows users to assess how their usage of appliances and other power consumption will affect their energy bill. Users can get an accurate reading of their costs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis at varying peak times. The 'Climate Change Calculator' shows the amount of carbon dioxide produced by each energy source in Ontario's electricity supply mix, including nuclear, natural gas, wind, solar, coal and biomass.

For those interested in learning more about electric vehicles (EVs), the app also features interactive maps of charging stations, information on EVs, and a calculator showing the economic and environmental benefits of the burgeoning technology.

Learn more about the Bruce Power App at

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