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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Brockton Wants EPCOR Deal Tweaked

Brockton | by Kevin Bernard  

EPCOR starting to get things moving for its Southern Bruce Natural Gas Project.

Brockton has been asked to enter into a franchise agreement with EPCOR that would allow the company to build 7 km’s of its natural gas pipeline through Brockton.

It’s part of the Southern Bruce Natural Gas project for Arran Elderslie, Huron Kinloss and Kincardine.

But before signing the agreement, Mayor David Inglis says Brockton wants to tweak it a little.

He says Brockton would like to get some assurances in the agreement that EPCOR would be open to possibly offering natural gas to some of its large farm operations and villages in the future.

While EPCOR currently only has Ontario Energy Board approval for the Southern Bruce Natural Gas project, EPCOR Vice President of Commercial Services, Susannah Robinson says that is the hope.

Time is of the essence for this franchise agreement with Brockton to be signed.

Robinson says it needs to be submitted to the Ontario Energy Board before the end of August.

Brockton’s CAO will meet with EPCOR to discuss some friendly Brockton amendments to the franchise agreement and it will come back to Council for final approval at the August 27th Council meeting.

Councillor Dean Leifso adds that he wants assurances that the 20 year agreement will not cost anything to Brockton down the road.

He also questioned “What's in it for Brockton?” since the EPCOR agreement does not benefit Brockton or provide a guarantee of future natural gas service to Brockton residents.

Mayor Inglis adds that Brockton understands how important the project is to Arran Elderslie, Huron Kinloss and Kincardine and as such will try to ensure there are no delays and everything is in place before the end of August.

He says it is just a matter of doing a little further negotiating on the 20 year agreement.

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