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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Woman Opposes Transgender Teachings in School

Regional | by John Divinski  

The woman says she is concerned about what our kids are learning in the public school system.

The Bluewater District School Board trustees have heard from Ann Gillies who says she is a concerned parent and grandparent about a trend in education that points our young people towards transgender-ism.

Gillies says the focus seems to be on young girls who are becoming embraced by friend groups in the schools and being encouraged to become transgender.

She says that kind of information is being taught from kindergarten to the senior grades.

In her delegation address on June 19th, Gillies says she has a "profound concern about what is being taught to our children in the classroom."

Gillies says some research show the majority of kids stop feeling trans-gendered past puberty, "Yet, there seems to be only one acceptable approach to Gender Dysphoria currently being endorsed in our schools--that of affirming."

She tells trustees, she fears that the process will result in "one of the greatest mental health problems we've ever seen in this country."

Gillies, in her report, says kid's identities are not fixed but developing but with constant affirmation from trusted adults that "a boy is a girl or vice versa," it's bound to have what she calls a self-fulfilling effect.  

She says schools within Bluewater are teaching children about transgender-ism far too early and by doing so, they're encouraging children to experiment even if there doesn't appear to be any interest from the kids in the first place.

Gillies wants the board to step back from the direction they're going in and take a serious look at the research that is already out there tracking what happens to transgender individuals who may have hormone therapy and then sex re-assignment therapy.

She says it's not a positive thing to teach children that transgender-ism is good at the end of the road, because according to her, "it isn't."

The board indicated they would be getting back to Gillies on the issue after studying her report.

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