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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Brockton Rebrands Itself

Brockton | by Claire McCormack  

There's a new logo, slogan and website for the municipality of Brockton.

It’s a fresh new look for Brockton.

The municipality has a new logo which is part of overall larger branding exercise.

The logo provides a more modern feel in the graphic with a swish of green and blue to symbolize the agriculture and rivers that run through Brockton.  

It also contains silhouettes of Walkerton’s Jubilee Hall, a barn and a home to combine the urban with the rural.

Before choosing the logo, Brockton asked for public feedback.

Residents were urged to vote for their favourite concept, they had two

In the end the more modern looking logo won out by but 84 votes over the more
traditional concept.

(A total of 532 votes were cast, 308 for concept 1, 224 for concept 2.)

Mayor David Inglis is pleased, saying he really likes the new look of
Brockton’s logo and believes that the community will as well.

Below the logo is the catch phrase Come Home to Community.

The new logo is just one part of an overall branding exercise for

The logo was unveiled at the same time as the launch of Brockton’s new
municipal website.

Much like the new logo, the updated website also has a more modern feel and
has been redesigned to be more user friendly.

Mayor David Inglis is very impressed with the new website and encourages
residents to take a online tour at .

The entire Brockton Branding project cost 80 thousand dollars, half of this
was covered through an OMAFRA Rural Economic Development Grant.

The remaining 40 thousand was included in the 2018 budget, 30 thousand for
the branding work and 10 thousand dollars for the revamped website.

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