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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Homeless Shelter Campaign Continues

Owen Sound | by Vanessa Culbert  

Evicted resident is slamming the City of Owen Sound and vowing to raise money.

Former Residents Outside the Former VLC Shelter Tuesday. 

" The City of Owen Sound has declared a war on the homeless"

Those are the words from former Victorious Living Centre's emergency shelter spokesperson Ray Botten after he claims City Bylaw took their tables on Monday.

The tables were used to help bring awareness and to raise money to re-open the shelter.

Residents were evicted the end of May after defaulting on the mortgage.

Officials with VLC are trying to raise $350,000. Botten claims they have raised $10,000.

Botten tells Bayshore Broadcasting News when bylaw came on Friday and removed them from the streets they were allowed to keep the table.

However, that changed on Monday.

Botten says the removal has impacted their fundraising abilities.

He says they will continue with the campaign despite not having any tables.

Botten questions where the area politicians are.

He claims no politicians have come to show support or to donate.

While the city would not confirm they did take the table, City manager Wayne Ritchie says  they working with the group to come into compliance with the city bylaw.

Grey County says it has offered to work with the group but VLC must enter in an agreement with them to receive funding as a shelter service.

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