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Friday, June 8, 2018

NDP's Johnstone Second In Huron-Bruce

Huron-Bruce | by Travis Jackson  

Jan Johnstone gave it her best shot, but didn't manage to beat PC incumbent Lisa Thompson.

NDP Candidate for Huron Bruce, Jan Johnstone gave it her best shot, but she didn't manage to beat PC incumbent Lisa Thompson, who will now serve her third term in the riding.

She says that she is happy with her campaign team and says that this is only the beginning for the NDP in Huron Bruce.

Johnstone says that running a positive campaign was important to her, and she feels that she stayed focused more on the issues and less on attacking other candidates.

Johnstone says that she thinks there are many people who are unsure about how Doug Ford as Premier will affect the province, and says that we'll ''just have to see how this goes''.

Jan tells us that if there was more time to campaign and knock on more doors in the riding that the NDP would have shown stronger results in the polls, and perhaps even have won.

Johnstone will continue to work in her position as Vice Chair for the Bluewater District School Board and says she'll run again in the 2022 election.

Jan is a long-time member of the Huron-Bruce NDP executive where she has served as the riding President, Provincial Councillor, and voting delegate. Jan has worked on many election campaigns - including in the province of Alberta which saw an historic NDP win.

Jan was a federal candidate in 1997 and a provincial candidate in 2014.

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